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Statement of Purpose

To give you more clarity about the Statement of Purpose, we offer a few tips that you can use as a guide.

Have a clear purpose

• The statement should be narrowly focused on convincing the intended reader that you have a serious purpose in applying to the Fellowship. You should also talk about why you think you would thrive in the program and how can you contribute to it.

• The statement of purpose is not completely an autobiographical essay, or a narrative of your accomplishments, although you should touch upon both these aspects if they help enhance your purpose.

• Through the statement of purpose we are trying to ascertain whether the fellowship will mesh with your interests and ambitions.

Is the right length

• Your statement should be the right length and no more than two pages. Please do not exceed this length as the readers will be going through multiple applications and might not take too well to anyone exceeding the defined length. On the other hand, the statement should not be overly concise either such that it fails to give sufficient details on your purpose in applying to the program.

Check for misspellings, or grammatical errors

It’s always a best practice to proofread your Statement of Purpose a few times or to get a peer review it for you to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. This will not negatively impact your chances of selection, but the readers may tend to take it as a sign of shoddiness or disinterest if basic hygiene aspects are not in place.