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I would like to apply for -
Full Scholarship Partial Scholarship
A. We are committed to diversity and are therefore extending limited 100% need-based scholarship. Candidates should only apply for full scholarship if their combined annual family income (from all sources and all earning members of the family) is less than INR 8 lacs p.a. Candidates will be required to bring the following documents as proof at the time of your personal interview. 
Documents to be attached while filing the form:
  1. Copy/ies of latest form 16 of parents or Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet in case if the income is generated out of Business/Profession or Other Sources than salary.
  2. Copy of income tax return of all members of family.
  3. Copy of latest electricity bill and municipal tax bill.
  4. Photographs of residence from all four sides/directions.
  5. Photographs of Business establishment/ office/ shop/ godown/business premises.
  6. Copy of rent agreement (if applicable)
B. We are also offering 5 full merit based scholarships. Candidates cannot apply for this. The financial award will be decided directly by the selection committee. The decision of the committee will be final and binding.

C. Policy for maintaining full-scholarship:
  1. Awardees will be have to maintain a minimum 2.7 CGPA (equivalent of B-) in every semester and complete all the modules in first attempt in order to receive scholarship in subsequent terms.
  2. There should be no complaints against the awardee Fellow with regards to attendance, late submissions, misdemeanor or other policy breaches throughout the duration of the program.
  3. There should be no records of any disciplinary action taken or sexual harassment or ragging complaints against the awardee Fellows throughout the duration of program.
  4. In case a scholarship Fellow withdraws from the program or fails to meet any of the above requirements, the Fellow will be required to refund the scholarship amount that they have already benefited from till that date.
  5. Should any of the information given by the scholarship recipient be found inaccurate or false at any time during the program, the scholarship award will be withdrawn and the recipient will either be charged full payment of fees immediately along with interest or will be dismissed from the program. 
Applicants who can't submit the required documents or do not accept the terms and conditions can apply for partial scholarship. 
I understand and accept the terms and conditions and would like to seek 100% need-based scholarship. I agree to furnish the required documents at the time of my interview and agree to abide by the expectations should I be awarded a full-scholarship. I also understand that I would be required to pay a refundable deposit of INR 30,000 to accept my offer if I am selected.

We are committed to attracting the best global talent and are therefore extending partial scholarships of up to 80% of the cost of the program. The annual program cost is INR 10 lacs (approx. USD 14,500) which includes
-          Tuition fee
-          Boarding and lodging expenses
-          Local and outstation travel as part of the program
-          Stationery and other material requirements  
In the first few years of the Fellowship we are extending scholarships to all those accepted to the program.
The award of the scholarship may differ from candidate to candidate and will be decided on the sole discretion of the selection committee. The decision of the committee will be final and binding.

I understand that Anant National University is offering up to 80% scholarship to those accepted. I would like to apply for this award and understand that I would be required to pay the balance amount [(100 - % scholarship awarded)% * 10 lacs] in installments as decided by the university. I also understand that I would be required to pay a refundable deposit of INR 30,000 to accept my offer if I am selected.

* You can also submit your resume, worksample and statement of purpose on to complete your application.